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Precision Cutting

In a world filled with salon chairs, ours sit neatly tucked away, like a hidden gem, in the heart of town. Waiting for you, with world-class education, to provide you the unique style of your dreams based on your individual head shape and hair texture. Fine, coarse and yes, even the coiliest of curls.



We help you fall in love with your own individual beauty.

Personalized Color

If you've ever liked your hair color, get ready to fall in love. Our formulas are personalized and implemented using modern and classical technique so that you wear your hair like poetry, revealing the beauty that you are. If you've never liked your color, you deserve this!


Our Time

We know how you've struggled with your new style. To recreate it at home and feel as confident as when you left the salon. We understand how this feels, and it's why we gift you our time to make certain you feel confident in how you will wear your hair once you're home in the mirror. The priority is you.


i'm so glad you're finally here, beautiful!

Have you ever left the salon feeling mediocre or upset? Maybe you didn’t feel you like you received what you paid for? Maybe you felt undervalued or unheard? Maybe you even left with damaged hair after sitting in what felt like a factory assembly line… Sadly, I hear these stories often and what I’ve come to realize by working in the beauty industry is that hair has become a transaction missing genuine connection. I want to invite you to experience what it’s like to have someone actually care about YOU and your HAIR instead of pushing the integrity of your hair to the limit for the sake of a big IG shot. I’ve traveled all over the world learning from the best educators in the industry to make your hair look spectacular, but none of that means anything if you don’t FEEL spectacular and as if you have an ally helping you achieve your goals! We don’t do assembly lines. We won’t take risks with hair health. We make sure you are confident before and after leaving the salon!

We help you rewrite your hair story to one of love because that's exactly what you deserve. Hair that you LOVE. 

Are you ready to discover the poetry of your hair?

My name is Amber.


Founder, Owner + Hairstylist

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Reclaim Your Hair

If you are looking to tackle the most common hair issues: split ends, oil, hair loss, tangles, dandruff, frizz, damage, dryness, boredom... then this is for you! Reclaim Your Hair will have your hair growing longer, thicker and healthier than ever before!

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"Beyond Amber being incredibly talented, she also has a gentle, calming presence that makes it easy to sit in her chair and relax in her space. Amber is THE BEST in town."

- Alyssa M

"Feeling like a star after leaving Intricid! Amber is amazing. So talented in cutting and styling and her tips are very helpful. A truly great experience that you can't find at many salons"

- Joyce M

"I love that Amber is consistently evolving to improve the services she provides, yet remains constant with the things that are working. She is THE BEST!"

- Teresa G

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Established in 2011 in Tupelo, MS, INTRICID- something so extreme it's untouchable- has always been driven by innovative ideas and personal experience for each guests unique hair and beauty desires.