Over a decade of innovation defines us...


In the beginning.. it took one full year, from October - October, to plan and build our very first location. Young and starry eyed at 23, Amber's vision to innovate the hair industry in Tupelo took heed.

As an alumni of Aveda Fredric's Institute, she originally planned to open as an Aveda concept salon. At last minute, Amber's budding relationship with Nick Arrojo from TLC's, What Not to Wear, landed INTRICID Salon as the first ARROJO Ambassador in Mississippi.

HAIR is what WE do best

Location: North Tupelo


The original ideology behind INTRICID was to bring city salon-life to the developing town of Tupelo. Amber was inspired by her personal childhood of growing up all across the United States and experiencing many domestic cultures. This eclectic nature provides guests with an array of expertise. We are proud of the path we’ve taken, the stylists we’ve collaborated with and the guests we serve. 

INTRICID- something so extreme it’s untouchable- has always been driven by innovative ideas and a personal experience for each guest’s unique desires. We were the first modern salon to take root in Tupelo with a mission to inspire the industry in our region. As a decade passed, we began seeing the industry evolve as we had dreamed. With this innovative approach to hairdressing, we have always worked strengthen our brand.

Location: Downtown Tupelo


After 5 incredible years in our beloved North Tupelo location, we uprooted. As our brand culture developed, we renovated an intimate space downtown. This placed us in the epicenter of where our clients frequented. The salon became an "underground studio" for a collective of independent hairdressers fostering their ability to build their own independent businesses. By teaching proper foundations, many of the stylists later opened their own successful salons.

However, as our ideas were adopted, it was time to say goodbye to this concept so that we could inspire in new ways...


Surviving the pandemic's shut down in 2020, we developed a rebirth collaboration with Glenda Knowles and The Pretty Agency encompassing the essence of true beauty and dreams coming to reality. Amber and Glenda first began dreaming about the collaboration on a trip to Greece in 2017 being inspired by feminine independence, Santorini weddings and passion for their work.

“Priti” is a portmanteau created from combining the word pretty with the Greek island, Kríti, which is the first archipelago island Amber and Glenda traveled to. This aspect of the collaboration brought a broad spectrum of new beauty services. They were inspired to use the word pretty as an homage to Glenda’s southern great-grandmother’s motto, “Be pretty. Act pretty. Look pretty.” A modern version of the Greek goddess of Aphrodite was added in medallion form to the collaboration as she is the goddess of beauty.

A New Era of Beauty

Beauty isn't just about the external alone. It is about an evolution of the heart and soul into our greatest potential. The courage of facing aspects about ourselves we feel most vulnerable about and stepping into our empowered self!

In this new era of beauty, we are embracing the becoming of our most "authentic self" as a brand. Although we love the beautification process, it's not about a perfect curation. It's about the process itself. Seeing all facets of inner and outer beautification. This is Hair as Poetry, Curated to Withstand Time. 


Present  Day

"Beyond Amber being incredibly talented, she also has a gentle, calming presence that makes it easy to sit in her chair and relax in her space. Amber is THE BEST in town."

- Alyssa M

"Feeling like a star after leaving Intricid! Amber is amazing. So talented in cutting and styling and her tips are very helpful. A truly great experience that you can't find at many salons"

- Joyce M

"I love that Amber is consistently evolving to improve the services she provides, yet remains constant with the things that are working. She is THE BEST!"

- Teresa G

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Established in 2011 in Tupelo, MS, INTRICID- something so extreme it's untouchable- has always been driven by innovative ideas and personal experience for each guests unique hair and beauty desires.